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Dear students,

All the students have the right to vote and to be voted for the elections of the 2 students' representatives in the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors. All the postdocs have the right to vote for the election of one representative in the Academic Senate, while only postdocs with more than a year-long contract from the date of election have the right to be voted. All the students' representatives have the right to vote for their Area representatives in the School Council and for the representatives in the Regional Conference for the Right to Education. More details on the dedicated webpage
Thursday, April 10th
Room 128-129, 2.00pm

(General Assembly)
  1. SISSA governing bodies and students' representatives
  2. Presentation of the candidates

All the students and the postdocs are invited to participate. If you are interested in running for the office, or just want more information, please contact the current representatives at

More information on the SISSA students' representatives are also available on the students' wiki (data not yet updated).

New students' representatives within Area Councils

On March, 13th we had the elections for the students' representatives within the three Area Councils. Each PhD course has its own representative, to whom the students are invited to refer for any issue concerning both the study/work activities and the general life and organization at SISSA. Do not hesitate to concact us: we are here to help and make your time at SISSA better!

Area of Mathematics
Applied MathematicsFrancesco Boarotto
GeometryGiorgio Scattareggia
Mathematical AnalysisPaolo Gidoni
Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and ApplicationsGianluca Orlando
Mathematical PhysicsNicolò Piazzalunga
Area of Neuroscience
Cognitive NeuroscienceH. Yamil Vidal Dos Santos
NeurobiologyFederico Iseppon
Structural and Functional GenomicsCristina Fimiani
Area of Physics
AstrophysicsGiuseppe Puglisi
Astroparticle PhyisicsMauro Valli
Chemistry and Phyisics of Biological SystemsGiovanni Pinamonti
Statistical PhyisicsAlessio Chiocchetta Tomelleri
Theoretical Particle PhysicsPietro Baratella
Theory and Simulation of Condensed MatterLorenzo Del Re
Supplementary representativeClaudia Mancuso
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