What to ask to whom?

Administrative issues

The Students' Wiki is the most exhaustive source for this topic!

Enrollment situationStudents' Secretariat
(Riccardo Iancer)
INPS (Welfare) contribution
Contribution for rent
Contribution for buying a laptop/tablet
ERASMUS Fellowships
Scientific trips (Missioni) and reimbursementArea's Secretariat (look for yours!)

Personal issues

Psychological discomfortARDISS Psychological support
Inacceptable behaviour and conflictsIf a direct confrontation and the help of your representative do not help, you can rely on the Ombudsperson
Mobbing and harassmentThat's a very serious issue and a crime! The Confidential Counsellor can help and advise
Boredom and lonelinessThis is EXACTLY what SISSA Club is for!

Teaching and Research issues

Your PhD Course representative is the most reliable source of information on this topic. Check among the list who is yours!

You may also want to check directly on your PhD course regulation.

Technical issues

Workstation malfunctioningITCS Helpdesk
room A-115, mail helpdesk[at]sissa.it
Printers, photocopiers etc.…
AccountsEach group has its own responsible to contact
Broken furnitureEconomato office
Broken or malfunctioning plantsPatrimonio office
Need of stationerySISSA Store

Updated on October, 30th 2014