Useful information

SISSA is a small school, compared with ordinary universities, but it offers a lot of facilities, opportunities and advantages for all the students. The range of the offers is always growing, as it is the number of email one gets all the time from the Administration.
It may happen that you miss exactly that piece of information you were looking for, or that you do not read some very important communication just because you used to think it was not related to you.
Quite luckily, the Students' representatives always keep on eye on what it is going on, and are very happy to spread the information everyone (or even just someone) needs in his/her SISSA daily life.
Starting with the teaching regulation (did someone tell you that the rules are just a set of guidelines, not really to care about? At least once in your PhD, you will experience the opposite!), to the tens of ad hoc regulation for missions, fellowships, contribution, taxes, etc., together with the Administration we gather informations and can assist you in dealing with the related bureaucracy.

Your PhD course representative is the first resource when you need clarification and support, but we are quite a big team with different specializations. Moreover, sometimes we do know that the best person to ask for is not one among us, but some professor or administrative clerk.
For this reason, we are offering to all the students a quick reference for the most common questions (the ones we are asked most and the ones we think should be).

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