The Ombudsperson

The Students' and Research Personnel ombudsperson is an independent, neutral and confidential resource for the students and the postdocs.
The ombudsperson helps people looking for a confidential way to discuss or deal with issues and conflicts that may arise in the workplace, among the research group and in particular between the supervisor and the supervised. There may be disputes on the research project, matters of academic integrity or of personal relationship.
The ombudsperson is thus appointed by the Director from a shortlist proposed by the students' representatives, who scout for reliable, independent and accessible professors or researchers in Trieste area, willing to take the office.

The Regulation, approved by the governing bodies in Spring 2014, is available here »

In 2014, the Director appointed the ombudsperson and two deputies, in such a way that one could always find someone to refer to.

Alessandro Laio
Full Professor at SISSA
Statical and Biological Physics
Daniele Amati
Emeritus Professor at SISSA
Theoretical Particle Physics
Emilia Mezzetti
Full Professor at UniTS
Mathematical Analysis
mezzette[at]units.itUniversity of Trieste
via Valerio 14/1
Building H2Bis
Room 227
040 558 2650

Updated on October, 13th 2014