The Students' Council

The Students' Council is the advisory board of the School for all the decisions about the students' activities, its main focus being the Didactics.
Moreover, the Council gathers the requests and the needs from the students, coordinating the activity of all the students' representatives (who are quite a lot!).
Finally, we are always keen to promote the participation of all the students to the life of the School, both in the daily study-and-research routine and when we can really make the difference.

The Council usually gathers once a month to discuss the ongoing decisions that the School takes, and it is composed by all the students' representatives in the different bodies of the School.
If you have proposals, issues and topics that you think are worthy discussing, let your representatives know - we share the air, the meals and the buses, but please don't assume that we know everything that is going on!

The current President of the Students' Council (for the term 2016-2018) is Guglielmo Costa

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Regulation of the Students' Council » (English version) » (Italian version)