Members of the Students' Council


NamePositionPhD courseContact info
Guglielmo CostaPresident of the Students' Council
School Councillor for the Physics Area
Suppl. rep for the Physics Area
off. 501 tel. 865
Chiara SantulliAcademic Senate
School Councillor
Functional and Structural GenomicsE-mail
off. tel.
Alessio LeroseAcademic Senate
School Councillor
Statistical PhysicsE-mail
off. 127 tel.
Matteo CaorsiBoard of Directors
School Councillor
Mathematical Physics / GeometryE-mail
off. 402 tel. 310
Ulisse BoccheroBoard of Directors
School Councillor
off. 325 tel. 605
Carlo ScarpaEvaluation UnitGeometry and Mathematical PhysicsE-mail
off. 114 tel. 860
Ivan BeschastnyiSchool Councillor for Mathematics AreaMathematical Analysis Modelling and ApplicationsE-mail
off. 107 tel. 299
Andrea CesariPhD course representative
School Councillor for Physics Area
Molecular and Statistical BiophysicsE-mail
off. 311 tel.
Carlotta BonPhD course representative
School Councillor for Neuroscience Area
Functional and Structural GenomicsE-mail
off. tel.
Daniele Di MonteSuppl.rep. for Mathematics Area
School Councillor for Mathematics Area
Geometry and Mathematical PhysicsE-mail
off. 112 tel.
Giovanni AlzettaSuppl.rep. for Mathematics Area
ARDISS Students' Steering Committee
Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and ApplicationsE-mail
off. 114 tel.
Maicol CaponiPhD course representativeMathematical Analysis, Modelling and ApplicationsE-mail
off. 705 tel. 591
Veronica FantiniPhD course representativeGeometry and Mathematical PhysicsE-mail
off. 111 tel. 292
Chiara Di PaloloPhD course representativeAstrophysicsE-mail
off. 521 tel.
Sofia OsimoPhD course representativeCognitive NeuroscienceE-mail
off. 328 tel. 629
Emilio AgostinelliCDATA[PhD course representativeNeurobiologyE-mail
off. 421 tel. 757
Gabriele SpadaPhD course representativeTheoretical Partical PhysicsE-mail
off. 431 tel. 280
Lorenzo BordinPhD course representativeAstroparticle PhysicsE-mail
off. tel. 756
Alberto PezzottaPhD course representativeStatistical PhysicsE-mail
off. tel.
Claudio GenovesePhD course representativeCondensed Matter TheoryE-mail
off. 321 tel. 312
Stefano StabiliniWorkers Representative for Safety (RLS) E-mail
off. tel. 761

Updated on September, 14st 2016