Being a students' representative means also that we are often asked to contribute to the functioning of the School, serving as members not only of the governing bodies we have been elected into, but also of several committees that are meant to support the everyday life at SISSA; moreover, the Students' Council instituted a few standing committees to facilitate its own functioning. The list of such committees and of their members is keeping updated at this page.

  1. Standing committees of the Students' Council
  2. Statutory committees of the School
  3. Executive committees of the School

Standing committees

The Standing Committees of the School Council are in charge of the preliminary examination and discussion of the topics of the Students' Council meetings. The Council may appoint specific or temporary committees on limited or particular issues; the three standing committees are devoted to a general subject and are composed, among the other, by the students sitting in the corresponding committees of the School.

I. Education | II. Services | III. Communication and Outreach

I. Education


  • Alessio Le Rose
  • Lorenzo Bordin
  • Andrea Cesari
  • Vincenzo Giacco
  • Alberto Pezzotta
  • Chiara Rigoni
  • Gabriele Spada

II. Services


  • Matteo Caorsi
  • Ulisse Bocchero
  • Lorenzo Nardini
  • Giovanni Alzetta
  • Daniele Di Monte
  • Lorenzo Privitera
  • Sofia Osimo

III. Communication and outreach


  • Chiara Santulli
  • Carolina Biolo
  • Guglielmo Costa
  • Carlotta Bon
  • Giordano Cotti
  • Chiara Di Paolo

Statutory Committees

The Statutory Committees of the School are instituted by the laws and the SISSA Statute; they are composed (each according to its own nature and scope) of representatives of the Administration, of the Faculty and of the students. Here we list the students' representatives and the links to the relevant material.

Students-Professors Joint Committee

Description on SISSA website

Students' representatives

  • Lorenzo Nardini (Mathematics)
  • Andrea Cesari (Physics)
  • Carlotta Bon (Neuroscience)

Committee for the wellbeing - CUG

Description on SISSA website

Students' representatives

  • Matteo Caorsi (BoD)

Safety at workplace committee

Description on SISSA website

Students' representatives

  • Stefano Stabilini (

Executive Committees

The Executive Committees of the School are appointed by the Director; they are composed of representatives of the Administration, of the Faculty and of the students and are in charge of specific aspects of SISSA management. They do not replace the corresponding administrative structure, but are the place where the needs and views of SISSA "users" are discussed, drafting the proposals for the governing bodies. Not all the executive committees have students' representatives: here we list only the ones we are involved in.

The corresponding page on SISSA website is the following, although it is not currently updated

CommitteeStudents' representativeNotes
Services and ResourcesCarlotta Bon
Rooms ManagementAlessio Lerose
Library UsersDaniele Di Monte
Bar and Canteen OversightAlessio Lerose
DidacticVincenzo Giacco

Updated on 18 September, 2017