The Board

The Board is the executive branch of the students' representatives. Its main task are to enact the decisions taken by the Council and to conduct the daily micromanaging of the students' interests.
It is composed by the President of the Council and the representatives elected in the governing bodies of the School: the Academic Senate, the Board of Directors, and the Evaluation Unit.

The fastest and most reliable way to get in touch with the students' representatives and make sure that your issues is going to be addressed is to write them to the address studentreps[at]


NamePositionPhD courseContact info
Guglielmo CostaPresident of the Students' Council
School Councillor for the Physics Area
Suppl. rep for the Physics Area
off. 518 tel. 481
Chiara SantulliAcademic Senate
School Councillor
Functional and Structural GenomicsE-mail
off. tel.
Alessio LeroseAcademic Senate
School Councillor
Statistical PhysicsE-mail
off. 127 tel.
Matteo CaorsiBoard of Directors
School Councillor
Mathematical Physics / GeometryE-mail
off. 402 tel. 310
Ulisse BoccheroBoard of Directors
School Councillor
off. 325 tel. 605
Carlo ScarpaEvaluation UnitGeometry and Mathematical PhysicsE-mail
off. 114 tel. 860