Confidential counsellor

The Confidential Counsellor is in charge of the School counselling service, aimed at preventing, managing and solving the issues of mobbing and sexual harassment occurring in the work or study environments.

The Confidential Counsellor is a figure established at European level, as foreseen in the European Recommendation 92/131, on the Protection of the dignity of women and men at work, and in the Resolution A3-0043/94 on the Appointment of a Confidential Counsellor or a Company Counsellor.

The SISSA Code of conduct for the protection of the dignity of female and male employees and students » regulates the behaviour that everyone should keep in case of such episodes - that, we remind, are crimes under Italian laws.

Anyone who has been victim of moral or sexual harassment in the workplace or studyplace can get free assistance and advice from the Counsellor. The Confidential Counsellor is not a University employee and is bound to keep any possible work and sexual harassment confidential and to respect people dignity.The Counsellor position is currently vacant.

Updated on October, 13th 2014